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Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership

Dec 5, 2023

Discover a new way to own your dream holiday home with hot tub from £20,000...

Our innovative Shared Ownership scheme has been created to offer a flexible and affordable way to own your dream holiday home. Purchasing a share in a luxury lode allows you to enjoy the perks of holiday home ownership, whilst only paying for the nights you will actually use.  What's more, you can take advantage of our fully managed letting service to help off-set the annual running costs.

Luxury Lodges

Choose from a selection of luxury lodges, all with spacious decking and hot tubs. Enjoy hassle free holiday home ownership with all maintenance and cleaning taken care of by us. Pet friendly options are available. Prices start from £20,000 per share.

Flexible Ownership

With 13 weeks to use throughout the year, you can book 7 or 14 night breaks up to 1 year in advance. Our friendly team are on hand to assist with bookings and arranging your holiday.

Hassle-Free Returns

Choose to put your lodge into our fully managed letting pool to benefit from rental income.  For example, use your lodge for 7 weeks across the year, and let it out for your remain 6 weeks to earn an income of around £2,000.

Guaranteed Returns

If you are purely looking for a rental income from your lodge purchase, our guaranteed returns scheme could be a great option for you. Earn a fixed, guaranteed amount of £3,600 - £4,000 (lodge type dependent) per annum for 5 years, with no further costs to be deducted.  

Is this like timeshare?

The concept is similar to the timeshare model, but unlike a timeshare, you actually own a legal share in the lodge. Meaning you can sell or will your share if you wish.

For more information about our Shared Ownership scheme, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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